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Picture of Syracuse area artist and art teacher, Stephanie Porcello

Hello, I'm Stephanie Porcello.   

Art is my happy place.

In September 2021,
I opened Kitty Rex Studio to share my joy for creating and connect the community. 

My Story

I’ve always had a passion for helping others and a strong artistic spirit. I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a doctorate in Audiology. 


After having children, I began waking up at 5am to explore my creative side through writing and art. With perseverance, a lot of practice, and by the grace of having kids who slept until 6am, I developed my artistic talents. 

I love teaching art. When a group of artists are together, the creative energy crackles with joy.


My dreamy abstracts are inspired by music and created with the intention of providing a moment of peace. For me, the rich, floaty colors and textures feel like an exhale.


Discover more at and @sporcelloart.

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Original abstract painting by Stephanie Porcello
Artwork by Stephanie Porcello
Artwork by Stephanie Porcello

Artwork by Stephanie Porcello

Mistakes are opportunities to try something different and explore the "what ifs."

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